The FairCup

reusable cup

is the deposit system throughout Germany for versatile cups and lids

– returnable and reusable

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The returnable cup to go

FairCup is the deposit system throughout Germany for returnable and reusable cups and lids to go.

Nation-wide it is the only deposit system to be awarded the Blue Angel eco label.

Find out more about our partners, information regarding our FairCup, materials used, the Blue Angel eco label and how to become a part of our deposit system!


Advantages of FairCup:

Massive savings

  • 150.000.000 litres of water
  • 4.000.000 kilograms of waste
  • 32.000.000 kWh of power
  • 2.200.000 kilograms of crude oil

No single use lids, since we provide easy to clean and reusable lids, to close or drink out of the FairCup – fully integrated into the deposit system.

Avoiding waste & saving ressources

FairCup has been awarded the Blue Angel eco label in March 2019. It was presented to us by the Federal Environment Ministry in May 2019.

A big step in the right direction! as already pointed out by our laudator Jürgen Trittin in 2018.

100 % Made in Germany

So no ecological fingerprint.

The Fair-Cup® originates in Lower Saxony and is produced right here. No unnecessary transport routes and no immense waste of energy . We always cooperate with regional service providers.

100 % recyclable & fit for reverse vending machines

No additives like BPA or Melamin.

Fair-Cup® is diswasher-safe, it can be cleaned and reused up to 500 times. We forego labeling in order to ensure material purity and therefore recyclability.

Overview of usage possibilities

Preventing piles of rubbish is easy with FairCup:

Here is where you get our FairCup:

Some of our partners

More costumers with FairCup

Become a partner and offer your costumers added value with every use. Introduce FairCup in your business. In this way you support your environment while binding customers.

Let us replace 10% of all single use cups and save resources:

litres of water

kilograms of waste

kWh of power

kilograms of oil