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What started as a student project is now a start-up with the smallest form of GmbH – the UG „Corporate company“

Let’s look back …

In August 2016 we saw the report about the Freiburg Cup, it quickly became clear that this was also a project for Göttingen, just how? Schools should carry out more and more project lessons in vocational training – only how and with whom? The Abitur year 2017 has “project management” in the general curriculum and here we can plan a “project” that is not fictional. At first we only wanted to plan a small school project – but soon it took on a dimension that we would not have believed in – it became independent and hit the core of the times!


With 24 students, we asked about the Freiburg Cup system. It quickly became clear that we could not implement this here because, on the one hand, waste management did not want to get involved and „financiers“ were missing – so we had to implement the project with a financing plan …

It took us weeks to examine all eventualities. What is just a „cup“ for the consumer to use and throw away was now a very big challenge …

  • Where does the mug/cup come from?
  • Is it harmless to health?
  • How long does it last?
  • Is it economical?
  • How do we win fellow campaigners?
  • How do we want to proceed Deposit system Yes or No?
  • How is the redistribution going?
  • Sell ​​or rent a mug/cup?
  • Should there be a deposit, if yes how high should it be?
  • What are the hygiene regulations? Will there be changes?
  • How should deposit clearing work – how does the dual system work?
  • How do we finance „the project“ or „system“?
  • How do we monitor the cup flow (movement)?
  • and and and …

The demands were high.
The time had come in January 2017. In an open space event we ceremoniously introduced the „cute mug/cup“ in our own „design“. The „design“ was only the print and the logo, we couldn’t change the mug design and size …

Hardly introduced, there was also a lot of criticism – the mug is too small or not suitable for special coffee drinks. At this point we wanted to stop the project and check it off as an „attempt“.

It was our participants, the bakers and a few small colleagues, as well as politics here in Lower Saxony and the city, that motivated us to continue.

The project entered its next phase. With our participants and partners here we run the test phase as a test run for the actual introduction phase of the right cup, in the right size and taking into account all the wishes of our participants and partners …

It quickly became clear that we needed a manufacturer in the region. In addition to my student project group, which continued after graduation, we now had a professional project group with which we developed our own mug, the programs and apps.

The biggest challenge is and remains deposit clearing and the cup flow, which we monitor and coordinate with our own database „Cup-Log-Manager“. Of course, this can only be achieved if each participant and partner is aware of this challenge and really participates.

We did not let ourselves be discouraged, tested, learned a lot, gained experience – and continue! We are now conquering the area around Göttingen and are slowly growing far beyond Göttingen, which is good …


the FairCup projekt

The big exchange took place in November 2017, the test cup was called back and exchanged for the new, unprinted FairCup in its own design. The market will now show whether our model, design and feel are well received. One thing is certain, we make the market colorful and do not just have a cup – we have developed a multi-purpose cup in the returnable deposit system …

We do not only address the coffee drinkers – we address the small breakfast, the coffee and tea drinker, the shake drinker, the smoothie drinker, the salad eater and picnic friend …

NOW it’s your turn – support our path – get your coffee in the FairCup … wink

What do we stand for? – We stand for:

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