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9 reasons to introduce the FairCup to you:

quick payback

A single baker can save over € 1,500 a year by using the reusable cup with a deposit lid if he replaces his disposable cups and lids with the FairCup cup and lid.

profitability calculator

versatile use

The FairCup is an all-rounder.

It is suitable for hot and cold drinks, for ice cream togo or as a container for muesli, meat salad, yoghurts, cocktails as a replacement for packaging.

Also available transparently in many colors and sizes.

Software-controlled deposit clearing

Together we can see the flow of the cups and add the cups to the system in good time.

So that there are always enough cups at every point.

acess to Admin-App.

get in and save

Yes it is right! You can get on board with us quickly and save, because the cup is versatile and has a reusable cup and reusable lid in the deposit system.

The FairCup is sustainable, environmentally friendly und tastefully!

areas of application

two reusable lids

Our lids are in the desposit system and close extremely tightly and securely.

There are two versions:

Closure lid: for mueslis, meat salad, chocolates, yoghurts as a replacement for packaging or drinking lid with opening for all drinks.

Vending machine capable

The FairCup can already be returned in emties in real-stores.

This deposit network of return machines is expanded every day with free machines.

via the FairCup app: reaching new customers

As a FairCup partner, you will be listed in our app. This is how fans of our mug find their business. A new customer catch for you.

Opening times, advertising opportunities, navigation with stopovers are a highlight of the app!


100% sustainable

FairCup is reusable up to 1000 times and 100% recyclable. Certified with the Blue Angel. Nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2020.

Without foreign substances and can therefore be 100% converted into granules.

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social background

Today, the FairCup is based on a professional company that continues to work with social institutions, social associations, rehabilitation centers, workshops for the disabled and schools in order to promote social projects and also to teach entrepreneurship to students.


High financial benefits for you

High savings for your company

An example:

An average bakery sells over 9,000 disposable cups a year on 312 working days a year. That’s 30 a day.

Using the Fair Cup can save up to € 1507 annually. Are you skeptical? Download our calculation example.

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Become a partner in 3 steps

Start from € 0.50 / day
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