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 The system explained easily

Sustainable to-go enjoyment simple and comfortable

To-go? The app shows you where! Install our FairCup Navigator at the App- or Play Store. After a successful registration you will get full insight. Automatically, you can see the nearest partner store and you can get a navigation to your chosen partner store. Furthermore, you can manage your vouchers and have a full access to them.

If you choose a product, order it in a FairCup, pay a one-time deposit of 1,50 € for the container (1,00 € for the cup and 0,50 € for the lid) and get a discount for your product as well. Now you can enjoy your to-go product without producing waste and our environment is thankful!

Quickly, the products are consumed. Afterwards, you can look in the app, where the next returning locations are. You can choose between reverse vending machines or FairCup partner stores to return the FairCup. If you choose the reverse vending machine you will have the choice – would you like a voucher of 1,50€ worth in a print version or digital on your smartphone?


Getting Information about the locations with the navi-app:

New: Use the app and learn more about our partners, so your visit will be rewarding.


  • the logo
  • the location
  • the opening hours
  • you will get a small description about the ambient atmosphere

„Our navigation is a plus with pleasure”

Benefits through the app

Find FairCup partner stores with the app

You can find our partner stores easily and fast with the FairCup Navigator.


Click here for the IOS app

Click here for the Android app

Use FairCup & do good

Pay 1,00 € for the FairCup and 0,50 € for the FairCup lid,  together 1,50 € for the container, once and do something good for you and our environment.


Change container* & get money or a voucher

Your Cup is empty? Then let’s go to a FairCup partner stores with the possibility to return your FairCup in exchange for 1,50 € or a voucher with the value of 1,50 €.

*Container = Deposit cup and deposit lid


Your price advantage with every coffee

If you are using the FairCup you are doing something good! You reduce waste, save resources and get a discount additionally. You are more favourable than using one-way products at all our partner stores!


Your contribution for the environment

An average production of a disposable cup consumes 0,5 l water, 10,45 g paper and 5 kwh energy. You help saving resources even if the cup has to be cleaned.


Easy & fast returning

Comfortable and simple returning of your FairCup at all partner stores and at FairCup reverse vending machines. Every time you want.


You can see the locations with this map :

Learn more

You are searching for a good coffee store with nice atmosphere and delicious cake? Use our app and get information about our partner stores. It is something there for everyone.


  • a quick coffee?
  • a weekend trip to the countryside?
  • where do I get bread?
  • how long is the bakery open?

Where is the next coffee shop?

 It is always good to know, where the next coffee shop, a good bakery or the next gas station is located.

Use our app and get more information.

The best thing is, you can set our partner stores as an interim goal, so even your bike tour will be a great experience.


Pictures & descriptions

Show you, if it is worth to stop.

It is always good to know more.

Not only the opening times are important.

Small pictures can show you, if the coffee shop fits your taste.