The FairCup: how it works

Reusable system in 4 steps 

Get the FairCup at the bakery, in the gas station, cafeteria, canteen, school kiosk, in the supermarket or your favorite café, health food store, fitness center …

Enjoy your drink, muesli, smoothie, shake, salad, ice cream or „meal“ in a deposit cup



Return your cup/mug & lid and get the deposit or

Promote social projects by foregoing your pledge and donating it

The used FairCup is professionally cleaned and can be reused up to 1.000 times.

Broken cups are processed into granulate and 100% recycled and reused.

The FairCup – cup/mug

100% recyclable

100% made in Germany

Conserves resources, avoids waste

Suitable for the dishwasher

For cold and hot drinks

Replacement of packaging for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, sausage and salad

The FairCup is the only one certified for vending machines.

In contrast to many deposit cup suppliers in the reusable sector, we are certified. Because only those who can show a certificate are really suitable for „free space“ machines. We have not only had such a certificate for Tomra Systems machines since April 2018. The first machines have already been set up at nodes in Göttingen and logistics for emptying the machines have been set up. All of this can be controlled from our database and ADMIN and customer app with navigation.

Our partner Tomra Systems has 30,000 locations nationwide, mainly in supermarkets, which can be quickly added to the FairCup network after certification.

„A big step for humanity“ – Jürgen Trittin

Since 2018, our cups have been used as a replacement for packaging in supermarkets and returned via the deposit bottle machine.

The FairCup Manager:

Fair and fast deposit clearing



no bottlenecks

Simply report the number of cups and lids sold, accepted, defective or donated to the FairCup headquarters


accelerates communication

Send messages to and receive them from the FairCup headquarters at any time

fair and fast deposit clearing

Transparent and simple handling of pawn transactions so that all partners benefit.


*only for our partners

FairCup App

Do you want to use the FairCup or return your mug/cup?

The FairCup app navigates you to one of the many shops where the FairCup is available.

Download now for free from the Google PlayStore.

More customers with FairCup

Become a partner and offer your customers added value with reusable products.

Introduce the FairCup in your company. In this way you not only support the environment, but also bind your customers to you.

Let’s replace 10% of all disposable cups together and save every year:

liter water

kilograms of waste

kWh of electricity

kilograms of crude oil

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